Jail Classes

Here you will find information about the courses that I have taught at the women’s county jail and at the men’s jail honor farm.

We teach a computer programming course using Python. I modeled this course after the first four weeks of Cal Poly’s CPE101. We have taught the course three times now and are looking for volunteers to help us expand. We have two recent exciting new developments:

-We have 5 Cal Poly CS students assisting me at the women’s jail.

-We are in the process of allowing for the awarding of Cal Poly Continuing Education credit to our students in custody.

Soon, I will have approval to post a journal that I keep about my experiences teaching Computer Programming in jail.

Here are the lecture notes and exercises that I prepared for our class. You will find that the style is very informal. The exercises were a bit of a challenge because the students don’t have access to computers in between class meetings. Luckily I had some very bright Cal Poly students help me come up with “paper and pencil” exercises to reinforce Python syntax.