CMPS 5P – Introduction to Python

I taught this course in Python Winter and Spring of 2015 at UCSC (hence the bananaslug). I hope that the materials help you to learn this beautiful language!


These slides are based on the book: Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science by John Zelle.

Course Info

Computer Basics

Simple Programs

Fun with Numbers

Strings, Lists, and Files


Data Collections

Algorithms (my favorite)

Booleans and Dictionaries

All slides in one:

CMSP5P Slides

Programming Assignments:

programming_assignment_0 CMPS5P_

programming_assignment_1 CMPS5P_

programming_assignment_2 CMPS5P_

programming_assignment_3 CMPS5P_

programming_assignment_4 CMPS5P_

programming_assignment_5 CMPS5P_

programming_assignment_6 CMPS5P_




Even babies find Python approachable!

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